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Title : First Sanctuary Martyr Ayatollah Sayed Ali Ghazi Tabatabaee
Product Type :Multimedia
Producer :Multimedia
Shahed Electronic Publication released multimedia software about first sanctuary “Martyr Ayatollah Sayed Ali Ghazi Tabatabaee”.
The current software is now available for interested people in the form of 2 DVDs.

Multimedia software of “Martyr Ayatollah Sayed Ali Ghazi Tabatabaee” includes 65pages of texts, 130pictures and documents, and 66 minutes of film and 200minutes audio files.

Publishing efforts and cooperation Martyr Foundation and East Azarbaijan province has been produced.

Shahed publication is selected three International Festival of digital media.
All texts can be searched in this software.
Multimedia software has been published with the circulation of 1,000 copies and with the price of 1,500 Rials. It is now available for interested people in “Shahed Publication” stores and other creditable stores. “Shahed Electronic Publication” was introduced as the selected electronic publisher in the First National Festival of Digital Media.
To obtain the mentioned software, interested people can contact Tehran Distribution Center at the telephone number: 88829523 and 66491851 and Qom Distribution Center at the telephone number: 0251- 7830340
The information in this book is completely categorized and all topics can be searched. It is hoped that it will be used by enthusiasts.
Size :23 Kilo Byte
Width : 300
Height : 250
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